Because You Smiled! :)

I adore your smile

O Yes! The one you always promised would be mine

The way it reaches your eyes

And makes me always shine inside.

The passion oozing catches my sight

That brightness more than a diamond shining in dim light

The world seems so worthwhile

All because, you just smiled!


The feeling when flowers bloom on cherry trees

And the leaves rustle in the cool gentle breeze

I imagine myself walking through a valley full of tulips and honey bees

Everything makes so much sense

All that before never I could comprehend

It’s like with closed eyes

I’m having a merry ride

With bare toes touching the dew drops on a misty night

All because, you just smiled!


You know how lovely it makes me feel

When I see you after so much ordeal

Laying eyes on you walking down the station stairs

With your every step comes a breath of fresh air.

It always feels like the first time

Looking at you from the exit line

Standing there my heart skips a beat

You just saw me and took a big leap

It’s only a few seconds more

Till our smiles greet each other

Longing is there no more.

Feels like two swans on a moonlit night

And it’s all because, you just smiled!!


2 thoughts on “Because You Smiled! :)

  1. Welcome to this crazy world where you can write, compose, comment and respond to anything. tip, try hitting the category button as well as the tags. So, a poem will find other poems and like minded people and you can share ideas. It’s refreshing to read the anguish of love, a sweet pain.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Dermott. 🙂 Thanks for the tip and yeah, it’s great to read about different subjects and views of so many people. I am loving it and exploring it. Some surely inspired me in the last 4 days that i have been using this. 🙂


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