If Only..

I know! I know! It’s just like you he says

The beauty of the dusk and dawn

The heart melts as the sun’s rays

Fall on the waters and beyond!


He looks at her with those eyes so deep

Where everything is transparent and nothing to speak

Every beat of the heart is the same within

She feels it standing off a 30feet off him


This moment just stands still

He has open his arms to take her into him

The most intense, the most difficult emotions they share

Without a word, only their hearts can bear


A silent tear just rolled, touched his shoulder

Through the linen he wore

Infused with all the love her soul lingers

Not for a second she wants him away

As she fears to wither like a rose on a sunny day

If Only, there was a chance to stay

And words to keep him from going away

Nothing else would have mattered

But now, she is completely shattered!


From where does she get it? All the strength that pulls her up.

It’s his eyes she says, that shone all the love

If only, there is time for him to realize

If only, before it dies..

~R :**: N~


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