Sacrifice with a Smile!

Logging in to WordPress and checking out today’s prompt brought an instant smile. “Sacrifice” – This is not just a word. It holds such a deep and inspiring meaning to it and what a timing – i’m writing this right on Mother’s day ๐Ÿ™‚

She symbolizes this word to me and by this i don’t mean she keeps whining all the time or is upset she could not do certain things. She made all her sacrifices with a beautiful smile and a heart full of such love and kindness.

I remember as a kid, i always felt Mom is a super hero and she can never fall sick. No! She just cannot fall ill. If ever, which was very rare, i saw her lying on the bed and saying, “i’m not feeling well”, it made me feel that she was joking or maybe mom doesn’t want to bake me a cake today. Although i laugh at it today but she definitely is a Super Mom and that really inspires me and makes me think sometimes if ever i would be able to be like her. So selfless, warm, loving, caring and works like a machine the whole day taking care of each and every living and non-living thing around her and still the pot of happiness and love inside of her never goes empty!

At the end of the day, when she asks for a cup of tea while sitting on her favorite grey couch and my Dad without a word, gets up with a smile and makes the best tea in the world, sums it all for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

No matter how much wrong i do, how much bad i behave, all i know is, she will always be this kind and loving to me. I’ve got tears in my eyes remembering all the times i have not been a good daughter and every time she proved to be the best mother i could ever ask for.

O God! I love her so much and i promise i will make her happy. I hope i become even 10% of the woman she is.

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone…Hope we build a better place for all the mother’s in the world.ย  – Picture Credit

Cheers to the unbeatable strength of a woman!





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