The Invisible Rose..

On the terrace, it’s the night of the Valentine

I’m standing alone with a glass of wine

Lost in thoughts I am gazing at the stars

Closed my eyes, then opened, I see them blink through the icy jar

Looking at me I feel them smile

Must be thinking I have lost my mind

What are you trying to find? They say

It’s my invisible rose that was given this very day!


Something snaps inside that very moment

It’s been years now, still it makes my heart so warm

That invisible rose has always been so strong.


It never wilted, never lost its fragrance

Even when we forgot its existence

It made sure to be persistent

Stayed there, never changed

Watched us make mistakes, go our own ways

In our hearts it always stayed



The almighty had kept it invisible

Giving it all the powers possible

The pause we took, it shook us up!

Only it knew what was to come up

Happiness has always been with each other

Alone we only live but alive we are together


It bloomed more when the hope was gone

Trying to remind us not to be lost

Never will fade our invisible rose

It has heard us, seen us, be happy and morose

It has been nourished ever since with true love

Which is never lost and forever grows


Give loads of love to my sweetheart

For he is the reason you seem so real

I wish he talks to you someday

And you show him that very day

When I saw you and felt his thoughts come alive

We were silent and you bloomed with all might

Tender and innocent love you brought

The very reason we never fought


May we talk to you together, be it the last day

We would be old, you shall still be beautiful to hold us close

The only one to know us now and forever

Will always be you, and you shall still not wither!

Keep our hearts beating for each other

Forever and ever and ever!!


R :**: N


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